Published on05/21/2018 10:40 am
Pond Supplies are proud to stock the brilliant Best Choice Products 4000 Liter Pressure Bio Filter with Uv Sterilizer Light Koi, 13W.
With so many on offer today, it is great to have a brand you can recognise. The Best ...
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Published on05/21/2018 9:40 am
Canister pond filter treats 2500 gallon ponds
There are all kinds of filters on the market these days for your ponds. However, for our money a canister filter is the best choice. One of the great things about adding a ...
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Published on01/01/2018 4:10 am
Water filters are actually certainly not only a deluxe any longer; they are actually an essential. There are actually lots of researches stating the threats from alcohol consumption touch water so you really have no excuse for not using a water filter.

Even an average water filter is actually better than no water filter in any way but to obtain the most value, you must consider using an ...
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Published on11/15/2017 3:31 am
There are numerous high quality fish pond filtration systems on the market today. As well as with a sea of options available, it could often be tough for pond proprietors to determine which Koi pond filter is the ideal choice for them. The objective of this article is to look past the advertising buzz and give a side-by-side contrast of some of one of the most prominent Koi pond purification ...
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Published on11/13/2017 6:48 am
For enthusiastic garden enthusiasts who are simply beginning in their fish ponds, it's not the kind of pond that really troubles them but the kind of pond supplies that would certainly enhance their fish ponds. There are numerous fish pond supplies located in the marketplace today and also this diversity is exactly what makes the buying procedure a big inconvenience!
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